Welcome to the New-ACE

New-ACE, A Network for New Academics in Control Engineering, is funded by EPSRC to support early-stage academics, researchers and industrialists in control engineering and related subject areas.


  • to provide a platform for the members to exchange ideas, experience and practices
  • to develop and strengthen long-term collaboration activities, including joint applications and collaborations with industry
  • to support potential future leaders in control engineering and related areas
  • to develop and sustain a strong future for control engineering in the UK


Strengthening the UK control engineering research base through better interaction and cooperation between early stage academics and researchers in control engineering.


  • Sharing and advancing knowledge in the field of control engineering.
  • Identifying and promoting emerging multidisciplinary research areas in which control theory provide the appropriate framework and tools of study.

For more information, please contact Dr Q.-C. Zhong at
Email: Q.Zhong @ liverpool.ac.uk
Tel.: 0151-794 4501
Fax: 0151-794 4540

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