The 1st New-ACE Workshop: Programme .

The 2nd New-ACE Workshop: Programme .

Participant Presentation - Workshop 1, by Dr J Ramachandran and Dr GA Putrus Dynamic Behaviour of Single-Phase Induction Generators during Disconnection and Reconnection to the Grid

Structured Low-Rank Approximation with Applications structured low-rank approximations and their applications

The 3rd New-ACE Workshop: Programme .

New-ACE Flyer New-Ace Flyer

Preparation of research proposals and grant applications by Roger Woods Workshop 2 - Belfast UniversityPowerpoint Presentation

Active Flow Control - by Ricardo Martinez-Botas Powerpoint presentation of Active Flow Control Turbo Charger (ACT). A method to improve exhaust energy

The 4th New-Ace Workshop: Programme .

5th New-ACE Workshop Brochure .

6th New-ACE Brochure .